What Are the Deficits of Psychodynamic Theory?

Answer Psychodynamic theory attributes a person's outward behavior as unconsciously motivated by their childhood responses to basic human drives. The basis of the theory was outlined by Sigmund Freud and ... Read More »

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What does the psychodynamic theiry leave out based on other theories?

He is your brother, and you probably don't want him to get into trouble but you need to call the police. This is a sign of becoming Child Molester. And he needs help.

Interventional measures for a mentally retarded child who exhibits deficits in social skills such as taking turns?

With understanding. If this person is important to you, you might discuss it with them, or with a professional who could give you some insight into ways to handle your friend's swings.

What are the basic differences between Freud's psychosexual theory and Erikson's psychosocial theory?

Is Florida a lien theory or title theory state?

Florida is a lien theory state. This means that when a home is purchased, the deed is given to the borrower (also known as the mortgagor) while the lender (also known as the mortgagee) places a lie... Read More »