What Are the Dark Streaks on My LCD TV Screen?

Answer Dark streaks on most liquid crystal displays (LCDs) tend to be manufacturing defects. Although it is possible to experience temporary image retention on an LCD, this usually goes away with normal ... Read More »

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How to Fix Color Streaks in Dark Brown Hair?

Success in fixing hair-coloring mistakes requires an understanding of basic color theory as it relates to hair. During lightening or permanent color processes, the natural color molecules are remov... Read More »

When your cellphone screen goes idle ( turns black) do u ever use the dark screen as a mirror?

ALL THE TIME!! A lot of the time I don't have a mirror and the screen works better than nothingg!

I have a 6 month old JVC 56FN97 that has developed a dark spot across the bottom of the screen that seems as though the screen is delaminated or something can it be fixed?

AnswerFigured it out... this may help you, doing it from memory so I may have the number of screws off a bit, but the rest is correct...It was windex (thanks to my kids). Here's how to fix it (on a... Read More »

Dark blonde hair with old light blonde streaks, or color darker over it all?

Blonde with light blonde streaks. As we get older, we have to go lighter and shorter. I have always had long or medium length dark brown hair but I went short with hightlights last month and, my Go... Read More »