What Are the Dark Objects Found Inside of Salt Rocks?

Answer Travertine, a type of limestone often referred to as salt rock, forms when spring waters deposit layers of material along the waterbed. The sedimentary rocks contain animals, leaves and other debri... Read More »

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What kind of rocks are fossils mostly found on?

Fossils are usually found in sedimentary rocks, such as shale, coal, limestone and mudstone. Rarely are they found in low-grade metamorphic and volcanic igneous rocks. Fossils are any remains of a ... Read More »

What Types of Rocks Can Be Found in the Magma of a Volcano?

Rocks exist in magma in the same sense that ice exists in hot coffee. Magma has the properties of a liquid, but is never entirely liquid. It is a mixture of melted rock, suspended crystals and diss... Read More »

In what type of rocks are fossil fuels found?

Fossil fuels, such as coal and oil, are most often found in sedimentary rocks. Fossil fuels can be found buried beneath the earth's surface in layers and layers of sedimentary rocks.References:Ener... Read More »

You found out you are pregnant but you just got what looks to be your period but it is very dark like a dark brownish color do you think that everything is okay with the baby?

See a doctor a.s.a.p. please. Bleeding in pregnancy should always be thought as a serious matter even if it is not due to a problem.I had this sma eproblem with both of my children. Usually when it... Read More »