What Are the Dangers of Tattoo Inks?

Answer Among questions that come to mind for anyone considering a tattoo should relate to safety concerns, including those about the ink itself. Since tattoo ink injects beneath the skin, it is only natu... Read More »

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How to Make Tattoo Inks Out of Ashes?

Create homemade tattoo ink from ashes for a unique tattoo. Typically, the ink made from ashes is dark gray or black. Use ashes from wood or paper produce the best results. Homemade tattoo ink canno... Read More »

About Tattoo Dangers & Side Effects?

After a visit to a tattoo parlor, hopefully you will end up with a beautiful piece of body art that will last a lifetime. However, several complications can occur after the tattoo is finished. You ... Read More »

Tattoo or no tattoo what do you think is too old or too young to get a tattoo?

under 18 is too young, over 100 is too old.

What printers can be converted to solvent inks?

A number of printer types have been successfully converted from pigment ink to solvent ink. Models that have been successfully converted include Roland FJ-40, Roland FJ-42, Roland FJ-50, Roland FJ-... Read More »