What Are the Dangers of R134?

Answer R-134a is a chemical refrigerant generally recognized to have a low level of toxicity in humans, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. The chemical is used as a coolant for many systems... Read More »

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How do I Mix R134 & R12?

Before 1995, all vehicles were made with air conditioning systems that used R-12 freon. In 1995, the production of R-12 was halted, and vehicle manufactures began using R-134. Because of their diff... Read More »

How to Add R134 to a BMW?

You can install R134a into any BMW manufactured in 1995 or later. Installing R134a recharges your BMW's air conditioner. All automobiles built after 1994 must use R134a for air conditioner refriger... Read More »

How to Add R134 to Your Car?

R134 is the name commonly given to R134a, or tetrafluoroethane, a freon gas refrigerant similar to R-12, but with less potential damage to the ozone layer when released into the atmosphere. It is u... Read More »

How to Update from R12 to R134?

R12 Freon, used in older vehicles, is an expensive and outdated air conditioning coolant that is relatively difficult to attain. Modern vehicle air conditioning systems use R134 Freon, which cools ... Read More »