What Are the Dangers of Over-Revving an Auto Transmission?

Answer Rotating machines have a maximum rpm at which the machine can be used safely. All engines have a safe limit, often referred to as the redline. The redline is usually marked on the tachometer. Ov... Read More »

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What Are the Dangers of Transmission Flush?

Everyone wants a car that moves effortlessly and shifts gears like a dream. That is the result of a well-working transmission that is lubricated with a specialty fluid. Flushing the fluid is a task... Read More »

How to Tell If the Auto Transmission Is Going?

An automatic transmission is generally considered to be more durable than a manual transmission. However, automatic transmissions are not immune from ordinary wear and tear or improper maintenance.... Read More »

Can Revving the Engine Ruin a Car Battery?

To rev your engine means to apply a lot of sudden pressure to the gas in order to increase acceleration of the vehicle. Some drivers do this when pulling off on to a highway from a ramp or driving ... Read More »

Can over-revving a Civic engine cause damage?

Over-revving any engine, including a Civic engine, can cause catastrophic engine damage. Over-revving occurs when the driver shifts into a much lower gear when the car is traveling at speed. For ex... Read More »