What Are the Dangers of Getting a Perm?

Answer While you might think that a perm is the ideal way to get a head full of lush curls and volume, there are some dangers associated with getting a perm. It's true that perms can give you curlier hair... Read More »

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What Are the Dangers of Getting Shot With a BB Gun?

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Safety Concerns for Getting a Hair Perm?

Perms often have a notorious reputation. There are plenty of safety concerns regarding perms that you need to understand before your next visit to a salon or purchasing a home kit. The most importa... Read More »

How Do I Perm My Hair Without Getting Chemical Burns?

Perms, normally referred to as "relaxers," are one of the ways to permanently straighten coarse and curly hair. Depending on the hair texture, relaxers can last anywhere from six weeks to two month... Read More »

How long should I wait to dye my hair after getting a perm?

On One Hand: Waiting PeriodColorists recommend a waiting period of at least a week between perm and color services. The waiting period gives hair time to rest and allows time for the curl to relax.... Read More »