What Are the Dangers of Driving an Overheated Car?

Answer Nearly all vehicles manufactured these days come with internal combustion engines, which are notorious for being very inefficient because they produce a large amount of heat in order to get going. ... Read More »

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The Dangers of Race Car Driving?

Race car driving has its dangers, some of which are easy to find, some of which are subtle and not so obvious at all. People considering race car driving as a vocation or hobby should be fully awar... Read More »

Teaching my niece to drive - should we purposely set her up to encounter "real" dangers while driving?

How to Cool Down an Overheated Car?

If your car overheats and damages the engine, you have no one to blame but yourself. Keep your eyes on the temperature gauge and never let the needle move into the red. Pull over before it gets too... Read More »

How to help my overheated girlfriend?

Sounds like heat exhaustion.She should drink more water.Believe it or not most problems with the body can be solved with more water.if she passes out from it get water to her pull some of her restr... Read More »