What Are the Dangers of Binaural Beats?

Answer Binaural beat therapy uses headphones to deliver two different auditory signals to each ear, prompting the brain to blend the two sounds into a single tone. Although most people can use binaural be... Read More »

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What are binaural beats?

Intelegen, a company that sells binaural beat recordings, defines binaural beats as "auditory brainstem responses" that "result from the interaction of two different auditory impulses originating i... Read More »

How to Meditate Like a Zen Master With Binaural Beats?

A buddharupaTo meditate like a true Zen Master and become closer to enlightenment, binaural beats can help. Binaural beats are sounds that alter your brainwaves and cause you to feel differently. F... Read More »

How to Meditate With Binaural Beats MP3s?

For centuries, individuals have used meditation to relax their minds and to achieve higher levels of consciousness. It is now possible to enhance your meditation with soothing music and binaural be... Read More »

How to Astral Project With Binaural Beats?

Astral projection is a challenging skill to master. Your success at having an out-of-body experience depends on the time, dedication and concentration you put into it. Many people use tools to achi... Read More »