What Are the Damages to a Car Overheating?

Answer Modern automobiles are equipped with a liquid cooling system designed to remove waste heat from the engine and disperse it into the atmosphere through the radiator. The radiator cap pressurizes the... Read More »

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What happens when damages caused by car wreck exceed the insurance coverage for property damages?

Answer ==Answer==Then, you will seek a civil remedy for the remainder--and accept a payment plan--if it was not your fault. However, if your car was totalled and you still owe money on it, then yo... Read More »

What Are Nominal Damages?

In tort law, there are various forms of damages that can be awarded to the plaintiff depending on the specific facts of the case and the jurisdiction in which the case is made. Among the types of d... Read More »

What Damages Car Paint?

Your car's paint job protects the underlying steel from rusting. Keeping your paint job in good condition plays an important role in protecting the integrity of your vehicle as well as keeping it l... Read More »

What Damages an Ecosystem?

Ecosystems throughout the world are endangered. Ecosystems are damaged whenever species within the system are lost or habitat is destroyed. Because all species live in complex interdependent system... Read More »