What Are the Colors for the Various Church Seasons?

Answer The Christian year is also known as the liturgical year and is divided into seasons focused on major holidays and feast days. Each season is traditionally connected to a color or group of colors. H... Read More »

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What are the meanings of the various colors of religious votive candles?

Various religions assign meanings to the colors of votive candles. In Christianity, votive candles used during holidays such as Advent have symbolic meanings--but otherwise they do not have particu... Read More »

What colors do you think of for the 4 seasons?

winter-pale bluespring-sagesummer-pale violetfall-rust

How to Get Capes of Various Colors on RuneScape?

When you get tired of your character wearing the same colored cape,there are many ways to get various colored capes around Runescape.[1]

What are the meanings of church banner colors?

Christian churches often change their decorations throughout the year, using banners and other decorations in specific colors for specific occasions. Each color is associated with a specific time o... Read More »