What Are the Chemicals Used in Cosmetology?

Answer The beauty industry relies heavily on the use of chemicals in the production of cosmetics and cosmetic processes such as hair dying and nail technology. Cosmetologists are trained in the use of che... Read More »

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What Chemicals Are Used to Clean Air Conditioning Systems?

Though automotive air conditioners are closed systems, they still accumulate contaminants, mostly rancid compressor oil. Moisture in the system reacts with the oil to form sludge which creates corr... Read More »

What Are the Chemicals Used in Cleaning Recycled Paper?

Paper recycling conserves paper, effectively reducing the number of trees cut down to produce paper. The paper recycling process involves the use of several chemicals. These chemicals break down th... Read More »

What Chemicals Are Used to Raise the Alkilinty of Pools?

Pool chemicals used to increase the alkalinity of pool water control the pH level of the water by decreasing acidity. Maintaining proper pH balance in pool water ensures the effectiveness of other ... Read More »

What chemicals are used to make neon signs?

Several chemicals create the distinctive glow of a neon sign. Neon gas emits red. Mercury produces a blue gas, helium is used for gold and carbon dioxide creates white. Pastels are created through ... Read More »