What Are the Characteristics of Different Steels?

Answer Steel is a large group of alloys with iron as the main component. By adding different elements, the properties change and allow steel to have a range of uses. By modifying the alloy, steel is a str... Read More »

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How to Dye Steels?

Steel rods, beams and sheets can be used for a number of projects. If you're looking to alter the color of the steel and have been running into dead ends, there is a way. Although you cannot use "d... Read More »

Steels Used in Piston Rings?

The piston ring is a seal between the piston and the cylinder designed to prevent gas leakage around the piston. Piston ring material must withstand high temperature and friction to function proper... Read More »

What is the specific damping capacity of steels?

Steel structures may be subject to "noise," or vibration, and the specific density capacity of steel is the ratio of the energy dissipated, or damped, per cycle to the total energy in the system. S... Read More »

Can electric guitars be tuned like lap steels?

Both electric and lap steel slide guitars share six strings which can be tuned to any pitch desired. From order of string one to string six, traditional guitars are tuned as E-B-G-D-A-E. Open G, or... Read More »