What Are the Characteristics of Different Steels?

Answer Steel is a large group of alloys with iron as the main component. By adding different elements, the properties change and allow steel to have a range of uses. By modifying the alloy, steel is a str... Read More »

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What Are the Different Class Characteristics of a Fingerprint?

Each person has a unique set of fingerprints -- no two people have the same prints -- which makes fingerprint identification a valuable tool for law enforcement agencies. By comparing a print to a ... Read More »

What different characteristics / how should I BEST RECHARGE my Lithium Ion battery?

with these new batteries, u can charge and top up charge as u wish, u dont need to wait til they are running low and u only need to charge it til the battery is full which only takes a couple of ho... Read More »

Characteristics of Different Soil Types?

The U.S. Department of Agriculture classifies soil into 12 different types. Some soils are better suited for gardening than others. Some are difficult or dangerous to build on. Knowing what charact... Read More »

What is the specific damping capacity of steels?

Steel structures may be subject to "noise," or vibration, and the specific density capacity of steel is the ratio of the energy dissipated, or damped, per cycle to the total energy in the system. S... Read More »