What Are the Characteristics That Make a Government a True Democracy?

Answer A democracy is a form of government where the people control the government. Citizens are represented through elected officials. Citizens are ultimately responsible for ensuring that elected offici... Read More »

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Types of Government Democracy?

Democracy is often referred to as "government by the people, for the people," as quoted in Abraham Lincoln's monumental Gettysburg Address. (See Resource 1) Stanford University's Online Encyclopedi... Read More »

Is the United States'government a democracy?

The United States government is a democracy, but it may also be considered a republic. In a proper democracy, the people decide on issues collectively. In a republic, however, the people vote on el... Read More »

Is political participation necessary in order for your nation to be a true democracy?

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Three Characteristics of the Spartan Government?

The Spartan military was one of the most effective fighting forces in history. The reason for its effectiveness was that the entire society, including the government, was organized in order to prod... Read More »