What Are the Characteristics That Make a Government a True Democracy?

Answer A democracy is a form of government where the people control the government. Citizens are represented through elected officials. Citizens are ultimately responsible for ensuring that elected offici... Read More »

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Types of Government Democracy?

Democracy is often referred to as "government by the people, for the people," as quoted in Abraham Lincoln's monumental Gettysburg Address. (See Resource 1) Stanford University's Online Encyclopedi... Read More »

What is the BEST camera that I can buy. I mean I need one that make pictures that look like true life.?

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Is it true that only the government can protect the rights of the girl child in some countries?

It's not at all true that only government can protect the right of girls because the protection must start right from home, from the parents. Government can only make laws but it is the general pub... Read More »

Is political participation necessary in order for your nation to be a true democracy?

Criminal youth should definitely have their privacy protected. Not only does it show respect for them as a person but it will help them return to their normal lives after they have served their time.