What Are the Causes of an Automatic Transmission Slipping?

Answer Automatic transmissions transmit power from the engine to the rear drive wheels by smoothly shifting through a variety of low- and high-level gears to provide a comfortable, non-jarring ride. Autom... Read More »

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Automatic Transmission Is Slipping & Flushing Will Not Help?

Flushing the automatic transmission, or removing old transmission fluid and replacing it with new fluid, can resolve many problems, such as slipping out of gear, according to AA1 Car. If slipping c... Read More »

Cures for Automatic Transmission Gears That Are Slipping?

Automatic transmission internals and fluid wears over time, thus it is common for a poorly maintained transmission with high miles to slip when in gear, in hot weather or when towing a heavy load.... Read More »

Tips to Stop an Automatic Transmission From Slipping?

Slipping occurs when you are accelerating and your engine is producing the power to go faster, but your vehicle does not shift promptly. The RPM gauge on your vehicle will read unusually high, but ... Read More »

How Can I Tell If My Transmission Is Slipping?

Transmission work is among the most expensive auto-repair jobs. Because a transmission repair can cost thousands of dollars, many drivers are reluctant to take their car in when signs of trouble fi... Read More »