What Are the Causes of a Kenmore Washer to Make Whining Noises?

Answer As you use your Kenmore washer to do your household laundry, some noises are expected with the machine. But sometimes a noise can be indicative of a problem with the machine. Troubleshooting the ca... Read More »

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Why does my computer make loud noises and whurring noises?

This is not hard to do, and opening the computer is not a big deal. Here's what you do:1. Go buy a can or two of compressed air. Wal-Mart and other stores carry them.2. Remove the outer cover of yo... Read More »

What year is a Kenmore 80 washer?

The Kenmore 80 washing machines were released mostly in the early 2000s. The series name has been re-used, so to find the year of your model, email the 11-digit model number to webcenter@customerse... Read More »

Causes of a High Pitched Whining Noise in a Ford Lincoln Navigator?

The Lincoln Navigator is an upscale model of the Ford Expedition. Vehicle noises in it can be one of the most difficult problems for which to determine the exact cause, because there are several co... Read More »

What is the capacity for a Kenmore washer Series 70?

The capacity for a Kenmore Series 70 is 6.8 cubic feet. This washing-machine model is most commonly used for commercial, rather than consumer usage, because of the size and simplicity of these mode... Read More »