What Are the Causes of Under Arm Rashes?

Answer A rash can appear under the arms as the result of a variety of factors. The pain of an underarm rash can effect how well you carry out your daily tasks. It is important to first determine the cause... Read More »

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What causes skin rashes on babies?

well babyacne is that serve but still acne anyway all you have to do is wash the pillow case 5 times a day ,then when to fell your head greasy or oily wash the face offthen use acne treatment twice... Read More »

What causes outer thigh rashes?

A local allergic reaction to some material chafing the leg, much as inner thigh rashes are caused by sweaty thighs chafing one another when walking fast or when overweight.

What causes a prolonged menstruation and rashes on arms and legs?

i have a rash sometimes in my menstruation;why is causin.g this

What causes severe itching and rashes in anti-tuberculosis treatment?

It is possibly due to drug combination and reaction. A good physician (MD - Medicine) will be able to identify this and suggest remedies. I have seen such cases due to association with an NGO, who ... Read More »