What Are the Causes of Stress in Studies?

Answer The human body operates optimally under certain conditions, and when physical or mental limits are pushed, stress occurs. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), stress can be ac... Read More »

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Are investigator-initiated clinical studies as good as other studies?

On One Hand: Investigator-Initiated Clinical Trials Are Safe.Investigator-initiated clinical trials are just as good as company-sponsored clinical trials, even arguably better. Investigator-initiat... Read More »

Social Studies Projects for Social Studies Fairs?

The human race is fascinating to study. Over the course of several thousand years of human history, there are an unfathomable number of stories to be told. From the invention of the printing press ... Read More »

Studies About IQ?

Studies about IQ have come to the conclusion that religious people are less intelligent than atheists. According to a 1986 article in Free Inquiry magazine, "Studies have consistently found that th... Read More »

How to Concentrate on Studies?

College life can lead to many distractions that make it hard to study. It is often easy to fall into a slump that even the most well-intentioned student cannot overcome. While it is common knowledg... Read More »