What Are the Causes of Squishy Brakes on Cars?

Answer "Squishy," "soggy" or "spongy" are words often used by drivers when they describe a brake problem. The pedal should always feel firm, with a positive hold on the brakes when applied. If the pedal f... Read More »

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Power Brakes vs. ABS in Cars?

Power brakes and antilock brakes are not a new form of braking technology -- both braking systems simply enhance drum- or disc-operated brakes. Because vehicle owners prefer better braking and safe... Read More »

What Causes Squeaky Brakes on Cars?

It's a sound that many dread while driving --- the screeching sound that tells you that your car's brakes need to be changed soon. Getting your brakes repaired is a relatively common car maintenanc... Read More »

How to Adjust Rear Brakes on GM Cars?

Early model GM vehicles have four-wheel drum brake systems. All four wheels can be adjusted through a slot in the backing plate. Later GM models have front disc brakes as well as rear drum brake sy... Read More »

How to Adjust a Cars Rear Drum Brakes?

Every car has brakes that wear out and need to be adjusted to maintain stopping distances and braking power. Some cars still have rear drum brakes and front disc brakes. The rear drum brakes can be... Read More »