What Are the Causes of Solder Dewetting?

Answer Dewetting in a solder joint indicates a problem with the solder pad or component part. Solder will not bond with the part. The two underlying reasons for this are corrosion and contamination, with ... Read More »

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Is wire solder the same as pipe solder?

Wire solder is often a combination of lead and tin while pipe solder is lead-free. However, plumbing solder too was once a lead-tin alloy. In 1986 the Safe Drinking Water Act, forbade the use of le... Read More »

How to Solder PL-259?

PL-259 connectors, also called UHF connectors, are used in a wide assortment of applications in electronics and specifically ham radio. The PL-259 connector is sized for RG58 cable and connects the... Read More »

How to Solder Wet?

Wet soldering is the process of creating a bond between the solder and the copper contacts on the adjoining components. Solder is an alloy comprised of tin and lead. Solder wetting happens when the... Read More »

How to Solder?

Soldering is an important skill that is necessary for many electronics repairs. learning this skill can be a daunting task, but easy to overcome. in this wiki how you will learn the basics of solde... Read More »