What Are the Causes of Slime When a Washer Fills?

Answer If you regularly wash your laundry on a low temperature, such as the warm setting -- about 90 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit -- then you risk the growth of a black jellylike slime inside your washer kn... Read More »

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My Washer Fills Then Stops?

Once a washing machine has filled with water, one might assume that the unit will then progress to the agitate cycle and begin to wash the items inside the wash basket. However, if the washer fills... Read More »

My Maytag A112 Washer Is Leaking As It Fills?

First available for sale in 1989, the Maytag A112 model is a top-loading washing machine. As you use your washer, it is not uncommon to encounter leaks. For a leak when the washer is filling, you d... Read More »

KitchenAid Washer Fills Up With Water & Agitates Slow With No Spin?

KitchenAid no longer manufactures washing machines, which may make finding support information more difficult. For instance, if the washing machine is filling with water slowly and agitates but doe... Read More »

What Are Acrylic Fills?

Many women enjoy the look and feel of longer and thicker nails, and some simply want a beautifying nail solution for an upcoming special event such as a wedding, class reunion or holiday. One almos... Read More »