What Are the Causes of School Violence & Bullying?

Answer School violence and bullying are more than a few high-profile news cases; they're the reality many students face every day. Thirty-eight percent of public schools reported at least one occurrence o... Read More »

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How to Stop Bullying in a Domestic Violence Shelter?

The last thing you expect when going to a shelter to escape domestic violence is hostility and abuse from your fellow survivors. Yet bullying in women's shelters is common. Many times women are sim... Read More »

Is bullying in school against the law?

School bullying consists of physical, verbal or psychological abuse against a particular student or group of students. Some U.S. states have specific laws against bullying, but, in other cases, cer... Read More »

What is school violence?

School violence is not always physical. In fact, the Center for the Prevention of School Violence defines it as "any behavior that violates a school's educational mission or climate of respect." Bu... Read More »

How to Get Rid of School Violence?

School violence affected about 1.2 million students in the United States in the form of non-fatal crimes, according a 2008-09 collaborative study conducted by the National Center for Education Stat... Read More »