What Are the Causes of Pins & Needles in Fingers?

Answer Pins and needles, otherwise known as paresthesia, is a condition in which one feels abnormal nerve sensations in a particular region of the body, in this case the fingers. These sensations can feel... Read More »

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What causes pins and needles in your fingers and thumbs?

The one that feels like they are hopping on it and does not hurt? unusual blood movement such as settling, or pressure cutting off circulation such as sitting on your hand. Your hand is asleep, or ... Read More »

What Causes Pins & Needles in Fingers & Toes? The sensation of your fingers or toes falling asleep, or being pricked by hundreds of pins and needles, is called paraesthesia. The condition generally affects hands and feet, though yo... Read More »

Does eating chocolate cause pins and needles in the fingers?

It might be the caffeine in the chocolate not just the chocolate that is making him feel that. You should look into other things w/ caffeine to see if that has the same effect.

Pins and Needles .?

You could just have poor circulation round those parts, although my mother also takes simvastatin and she takes quite a lot of pin and needles, so it could be connected...Try not to let your finger... Read More »