What Are the Causes of Middle Ear Bone Thickening?

Answer The middle ear has three bones called the incus, malleus and stapes. Sound causes the vibration of each bone as it touches the next one in formation and relays it to the inner ear. When it reaches ... Read More »

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I have this little bone sticking out at the bottom of my middle finger?

How can I fix my ringer finger which in the middle of the finger the bone is sticking out?

Eww. I'm going to guess you didn't get it treated and is currently causing discomfort... You should go to a doctor and get it fixed because if you do anything yourself you might do more serious dam... Read More »

Has anyone before done a bone regeneration surgery for sever bone loss due to periodental deasese?

I've assisted on many bone graft procedures and it is wonderful technology. The bone they mostly use is cadaver bone that has gone thru rigorous testing for disease and sterilization. The success r... Read More »

Can babies be born with bone fractures or bone diseases causing them?