What Are the Causes of Loud Noises When a Buick Engine Starts?

Answer Sometimes, you can hear several loud noises when a Buick engine starts. These depend on the engine, but you should investigate some noises immediately. You cannot drive the Buick without further da... Read More »

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What Are the Causes of Loud Noise When the Engine Starts?

When it comes to cars, the unexpected is usually bad and changes in state are almost always for the worse. The following are some of the more common sounds made by a worn engine at start up. Some ... Read More »

Why does my computer make loud noises and whurring noises?

This is not hard to do, and opening the computer is not a big deal. Here's what you do:1. Go buy a can or two of compressed air. Wal-Mart and other stores carry them.2. Remove the outer cover of yo... Read More »

Why would a roof make loud banging noises when it is really cold outside?

its normal, you got the cold air on one side and warm air on the other, and its just expanding and contracting because of the temperature difference.

What Causes the Check Engine Light on a Buick Century?

A Buick Century can indicate one of several problems when the check engine light comes on. Some of the older Buick Century's have a yellow warning light and a red warning light for the check engine... Read More »