What Are the Causes of Longitudinal Waves?

Answer Longitudinal waves are quite different from transverse waves. With transverse waves, particles are displaced vertically, perpendicular to the direction of wave travel, such as with a taunt rope bei... Read More »

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Benefits of a Longitudinal Corrugated Shield?

A longitudinal corrugated shield refers to corrugated electrical tape applied in a longitudinal direction on power cables. This type of shielding can protect against electromagnetic interference as... Read More »

What is the difference between radio waves&cell phone waves?

Cell phone signals are transmitted through the medium of electromagnetic waves. The types of waves that make up the electromagnetic spectrum include (in part) radio waves, microwaves, infrared wave... Read More »

How to Make Micro 360 Waves to Deep 360 Waves?

Waves are a popular hairstyle among African-American men and can be seen on the heads of a number of celebrities. If you try to duplicate the "deep wave look" but can achieve only micro waves, it i... Read More »

If waves increase, does the distance between the waves decrease?

According to the Physics Classroom, the frequency of a wave is equal to its velocity divided by its wavelength. This means that an increase in the frequency (the total number of waves per interval)... Read More »