What Are the Causes of Facial Discoloration & Spots?

Answer Facial discoloration and spots have many contributing factors. Age and sun exposure are the two most common, but there are many other ways skin can become discolored. Preventive steps can be taken ... Read More »

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How to Reduce Age Spots & Discoloration?

Aging causes changes to human skin. The melanin in the skin epidermis increases but in a sporadic manner, resulting in age spots and discolorations on the hands, face and other parts of the body. T... Read More »

Homemade Skin Recipes for Age Spots & Discoloration?

Age spots and discoloration do not come from growing old, they occur because of prolonged sun exposure. Also known as liver spots, your dermatologist can remove them using surgery, microdermabrasi... Read More »

What Causes Skin Discoloration Under the Eyes?

Under-eye skin discoloration can make the eyes appear tired, saggy and older than they really are. There are many reasons that the under-eye skin can became discolored, some of which can be remedie... Read More »

What causes hair loss&skin discoloration on a collie?

If your collie is experiencing hair loss, or alopecia, and skin discoloration, your veterinarian can help diagnose the problem. Alopecia and the discoloring of skin can occur in any breed of dog. E... Read More »