What Are the Causes of Facial Blotches & Redness Problems in Women After 40?

Answer Discoloration and pigmentation changes of facial skin occur as we age. Around the age of 40, hormonal changes from menopause can cause much of the redness and facial blotches that are common. Knowi... Read More »

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What Causes Facial Hair on Women?

Unless you are making money as the bearded lady, facial hair is not an asset if you are a woman. It is a source of embarrassment and at times, ridicule. The Hair Research and Treatment Centre at th... Read More »

Causes of Facial Hair in Older Women?

Hair is growing on your face and your chin, and it's even growing thicker than ever under your arms and on your legs. However, it's falling out of your head. What is going on? Blame it on age and h... Read More »

How do I Prevent Facial Hair Problems in Black Women?

Hypertrichosis is abnormal hair growth on the body and a common condition that affects black women. Getting rid of this problem is difficult for black women because facial hair growth is hereditary... Read More »

What causes lighter blotches on a person's face around the mouth?

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