What Are the Causes of Emotional and Behavioral Problems in Children?

Answer Emotional and behavioral problems in children can be caused by one or several factors. Biological factors may include biochemical, neurological or genetic factors. School and society may play a rol... Read More »

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What Are Some Causes of Behavioral Problems in Students?

Student behavior problems can manifest in a variety of ways due to many different issues. All students deal with pressure from one or more angles. This pressure can come from self, teachers, family... Read More »

How to Work with Students with Emotional and Behavioral Problems?

Students with Emotional and Behavioral problems are more prominent in the general education classrooms. Here are some tips to manage them and successfully include them into the classroom.

Supplements for Behavioral Problems in Children?

Traditional medicine is not the only option for children with behavioral problems; nowadays, there is a great variety of supplements such as omega-3 fatty acids, iron or vitamin B6 which, under the... Read More »

How to Counsel Children With Behavioral Problems?

Children may have behavioral problems for a variety of reasons. They can have anxiety from school or are acting out to get attention. Some children might not even know that their behavior is a prob... Read More »