What Are the Causes of Conflict Within a College Classroom?

Answer Education, especially college life, is not just about facts, figures, and theories. It also involves learning to interact with and work alongside other individuals, including those with whom you ha... Read More »

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What Are the Causes of Meso Conflict?

Meso-conflict refers to national- or organizational-level competition (sometimes violent) for power, territory or access to resources. In contrast, micro-conflict refers to individual or small grou... Read More »

What Are the Causes of Political Conflict in Africa?

Many Sub-Saharan African states have been warring since the 1980s. Poverty is a cause of instability and civil conflict across the continent. Political corruption, no respect for rule of law or hum... Read More »

Methods to Resolve Classroom Conflict?

Conflicts can arise in many situations, and the classroom is no different. With many different personalities within a class, it can be a concern for teachers who are looking to keep peace among the... Read More »

Classroom Conflict Resolution Strategies?

Conflicts in the classroom are inevitable. Personalities can clash or someone might just be having a bad day. It's important that conflicts be resolved as quickly as possible before they escalate. ... Read More »