What Are the Causes of Bullying?

Answer Bullies generally feel insecure and inferior to others. They put others down in an effort to build themselves up. This may appear to work for them but they have to continue this behavior to proceed... Read More »

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How to Stop Yourself from Bullying?

Bullying is a cruel thing...Are you a bully? Want to stop? Well then read here! Bullying is a cruel thing and people do not like it!

Who does bullying affect?

Bullying can effect everyone, no matter what age, gender or culture. Obviously, one of them main people that bullying effects if the victim, but it can also effect the parents of the victim who wo... Read More »

How to Defend Against Bullying?

Getting bullied in school, office or anywhere else? This article is for you!

Is bullying in school against the law?

School bullying consists of physical, verbal or psychological abuse against a particular student or group of students. Some U.S. states have specific laws against bullying, but, in other cases, cer... Read More »