What Are the Causes of Brake Squeal?

Answer It can be frightening when you press down on the brakes of your car and you hear a loud squeal. It makes you worry that your brakes are going to give out or that you're going to need to spend a lot... Read More »

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What Causes My Dryer to Squeal?

A squeaky dryer is not only bothersome and annoying, but a sign that repairs are in order to prevent costly damage. The cause of the squeal should be investigated as soon as possible. Obtain a repa... Read More »

What Causes My Back Drum Brakes to Squeal?

The health of your back brakes, or drum brakes, can affect the quality of your entire vehicle. If you don't take care of pulling, dragging, squealing or worn drum brakes, it can significantly affec... Read More »

What Are the Causes of Serpentine Belt Squeal & Slippage?

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Is My Brake Squeal Normal?

Squealing brakes on an automobile can be annoying, but the squeal can also be a sign of a problem. Car owners need to determine whether the squeal they are hearing is normal or is an indication of ... Read More »