What Are the Causes of Blue Stain in Toilet Bowl?

Answer If you have a blue stain inside your toilet bowl, do not blame a family member. The culprit is hidden inside the water that fills the toilet bowl: high levels of copper. Does this S... Read More »

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How to Remove Blue Rings From a Toilet Bowl?

Blue rings in your toilet bowl are typically caused by deposits from minerals that are present in water. Copper is the common culprit of blue or greenish stains. These stains can make your toilet t... Read More »

How do I remove blue/green stains from a toilet bowl?

Soda WaterPour a generous amount of soda water into the toilet bowl, and let it sit for approximately one hour. Scrub the bowl with a toilet brush. The acidity causes the colored stains to come off... Read More »

When I Flush the Toilet, It Gurgles for a Long Time at the Bottom of the Toilet Bowl?

A toilet employs the laws of physics in a simple and useful way. When you flush it, water flows into the curved pipe hidden inside its unassuming porcelain exterior and thence into the waste line, ... Read More »

In blue deaper syndrome a baby's urine turns blue in its diapers following the administration of oral tryptophan what causes the blue pigment indigo to appear?

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