What Are the Causes of Backfire in an Audi?

Answer Because of advances in engine design in the past 20 years, cars do not backfire nearly as often as they once did. If your Audi is backfiring, this could be a sign of several different problems with... Read More »

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What Causes Cars to Backfire?

Engine backfire is the result of incomplete combustion inside the combustion chamber. The excess air and fuel mixture can travel to the intake manifold or through the exhaust manifold and detonate ... Read More »

What Causes Backfire in a 23 HP Kawasaki Engine?

Just driving around town can put your car rims at risk of damage from dents or holes and scratches. Everyday driving and running over potholes or debris in the road can cause problems with your rim... Read More »

What Causes a 1993 Ford Explorer 4.0 to Backfire?

The Ford Explorer features an on-board computer designed to reduce human error and increase efficiency. When the engine is backfiring, you should try to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. ... Read More »

What Causes a 1998 Mercury Sable to Backfire & Sputter?

The 1998 Mercury Sable has several reports about problems from different car review websites. These problems vary depending on the problem, but when the Sable engine begins to misfire or sputter, i... Read More »