What Are the Branches of Learning That Are Interrelated With Political Science?

Answer Political science is the study of the theory and practice of politics. It examines the major political systems around the world and the actual results of these systems. It also looks at the reasons... Read More »

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What Kind of Jobs Can You Get With a Political Science Degree?

If you enjoy arguing about politics with friends and family, or have an opinion about everything government related, consider getting a bachelor's degree in political science. A political science d... Read More »

What Jobs Are Available With a Political Science Degree?

Your career options are numerous with a political science degree. One good way to use this degree is to work as the editor of a scholarly political journal. As the editor you would be responsible f... Read More »

What do you do with a saga palm when the fronds or branches have turned yellow brown and raggedy We have watered fed it the proper fertilizer with nitrates and trimmed all the branches?

Check the planting guide as to what exposure to sunshine and cold it does best in.

What is the name of the kids' science TV show that opened with an animated dragon on a roller coaster from the late 1970s that featured a couple doing science experiments?

Either Lollypop Dragon which had scientific overtones - a segment on maps and globes, for example, or maybe Great Space Coaster, which came out around l980 I am going by what I see in Juvenile book... Read More »