What Are the Best Airsoft CO2 Machine Guns?

Answer Airsoft is a fun and challenging hobby in which players use replica weapons that shoot plastic pellets. The sport began in Japan, where people wanted realistic weapons but could not own firearms du... Read More »

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Are Kar 98 airsoft guns good?

On One Hand: A Unique ClassicThe Kar 98 has some nice features for an Airsoft gun. It is bolt operated just like the real steel, and it even has fake shells that hold Airsoft BB's. The construction... Read More »

How to Make Airsoft Guns?

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Are Airsoft guns dangerous?

On One Hand: Safe When Used ResponsiblyAirsoft guns eject plastic pellets at speeds ranging from 350 feet per second to up to 750 feet per second. Although they can raise welts on the skin if fired... Read More »

Are Airsoft guns safe?

On One Hand: Risky PlayAirsoft guns are toy guns, similar to BB guns, except that they shoot tiny plastic bullets. Airsoft bullets can travel at speeds of 75-100 feet per second. Airsoft guns can h... Read More »