What Are the Benefits of a Footbath?

Answer A foot bath can relax your feet in addition to providing health benefits. Feet can be soaked in a free-standing foot bath that is designed for that use only, or you may use a container that you alr... Read More »

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Instructions for a Footbath?

If you know how to prepare a simple footbath, you will have a cheap and quick way to relax. The supplies for a simple footbath do not exceed more than a few dollars for each session. This makes it ... Read More »

How do I sanitize footbath mats?

Pull the adhesive suction cups off the bottom of the bathtub, and turn the bathmat upside down in the tub so the suction cups face upward. Pour 1 cup vinegar or 1 cup bleach into the bathtub, along... Read More »

Can I get an ionic footbath if I have a pin in my shoulder?

Can use an ionic foot bath if you have a pin in your shoulder, but there is a possibility that you could be a pain in your shoulder during the bath. This is because the foot bath generates an elect... Read More »

Directions for Ionic Detox Footbath?

Ionic detox foot baths are thought to draw out toxins and impurities in the body via the feet, through osmosis. Toxins are believed to be negatively charged. Thus, the positive charge of ions, whic... Read More »