What Are the Benefits of Rotating Your Tires?

Answer Tire rotation makes your tires last longer and also helps you get better performance from your car. Even if you pay to have the tires rotated, you'll save money overall. In general, rotate your tir... Read More »

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Facts on Rotating Tires?

You know you are supposed to rotate the tires on your vehicle, but why and when? Once you get the straight facts on tire rotation, you're more likely to add it to your car maintenance schedule.

What Is the Proper Method of Rotating Tires?

In years past, tires were a bias-ply construction and car owners could only rotate the tires in one direction -- front-to-rear. As tires became steel belted and later directional, the rotation patt... Read More »

My 8yo son was rotating my tires for me and he cut his finger on a piece of sharp metal, does he need a shot?

are you kidding us? i would think that's bordering on child abuse. who cares what brand of tires you have. get him to a doctor, now.

Benefits of Nitrogen in Tires?

Compressed nitrogen has long been used to inflate the tires of race cars and aircraft. Regular air is approximately 78 percent nitrogen, 21 percent oxygen and 1 percent water vapor. The oxygen and ... Read More »