What Are the Benefits of Massage for Body Builders?

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Conair Body Benefits Foot Massage?

Your feet support you throughout the day while you stand, walk, run, and even jump. A deep tissue foot massage with the Conair Body Benefits Foot Massage will influence not only the recovery of yo... Read More »

Are Female Body Builders Hot!!?

They were in the 70's and 80's when it was more about being lean and toned. Now it is about being ripped and basically looking like men. Women shouldn't go to such extremes, it's not healthy and th... Read More »

Hey all I was just curious is there body builders in there 30's that are ripped?

No, you'll be fat and retarded you're entire life.

Why is it that some very in-shape looking people @ the gym (such as body builders) only WALK on the treadmills?

burns almost the same calories as running and you don't get injuries which would effect their main work out , weights. You would have to be happy with their current level of fitness. Using weights ... Read More »