What Are the Benefits of Clementines?

Answer Clementines, the smallest members of the mandarin orange family, have been enjoyed in the United States since 1909. These small, sweetly flavored citrus fruits are a cross between a mandarin and a ... Read More »

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How do clementines grow?

Clementines are small, sweet oranges that have a soft, easy-to-peel skin. Clementine trees are fast-growing and easy to care for, as the plants are naturally resistant to bugs and highly drought-to... Read More »

Do clementines need to be refrigerated?

Clementines are a popular, sweet, small citrus fruit. Like other citrus, they do not require refrigeration; however, they will remain in optimal edible condition for a longer period of time if they... Read More »

How many years does it take for clementines to mature from seed?

In general, a clementine seed will grow and mature into harvestable fruit in about six to seven years. Once the tree is grown and begins to flower, fruits will be ready anywhere from five to 18 mon... Read More »

How Long Do Clementines Stay Fresh?

Clementine oranges are small, sweet oranges with a very strong odor, and they are heavy for their size. They are believed to be a cross between sweet oranges and mandarin oranges. Clementines are o... Read More »