What Are the Benefits of Being a 1099 Employee?

Answer A person who is issued a 1099 for work performed is considered an independent contractor and not an employee at all. This person completes contracted work as an independent worker and not as a memb... Read More »

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What Is an Individual Employee 1099-R Form?

In addition to a form W-2, employees may receive a 1099-R form when they accept certain types of payments or distributions. Taxpayers should be familiar with how this form is used.

How to Find an LLC Employee Number for a 1099?

If you are self-employed or an independent contractor, then you will receive a "1099" tax form at the end of the tax year (a "W-2" form is used if you have a job where taxes are withheld from your ... Read More »

Can a Small Business Give an Employee a 1099 Form?

By definition, you can't give an employee an Form 1099 for the work the employee performed. However, you can hire an independent contractor to do work for you, and if that work totals more than $60... Read More »

Difference Between Employee Benefits & Employee Services?

Successful companies understand the value of a happy workforce. Happy employees work harder, are more dedicated to their companies, and have lower rates of costly turnover. That's why employers des... Read More »