What Are the Beliefs of Halloween?

Answer In modern Halloween celebrations, children dress up in scary costumes and go door to door asking for candy. The holiday itself, however, has ancient origins that date back to the pre-Christian paga... Read More »

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In the spirit of Halloween what is your favorite Halloween Candy?

What are your beliefs?

~ Pro Feeding! breast or bottle, as long as babies are getting what they need! ~ Pro Sleeping! My bed, your bed, on the floor or hanging from a hook on the wall. If everyone is asleep and happ... Read More »

Yay or Nay Parenting Beliefs?

Spanking-YayCIO-Yay on certain situations. Nay before 6 monthsDisposable Diapers-YayBaby Wearing-YayBaby Leashes-YayBaby Immunization-YayAbortion-Nay.Breastfeeding-YayFormula-YayInfant Ear Piercing... Read More »

What Are Some of the Beliefs of the Hindus?

Over the years, many variations of the Hindu religion have developed. In India, Hinduism is the most popular religion, however the religion has significantly changed over thousands of years. Hindui... Read More »