What Are the Average Standard Scores on the WIAT-II?

Answer Wiat-II is the common acronym for the Weschler Individual Achievement Test, 2nd edition. This test is a norm-referenced standardized test commonly used to help determine if a student has a learning... Read More »

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Difference Between Standard Scores & Z-Scores?

Students are subject to all kinds of state and national tests now to determine how much they have learned compared to other students in the same state or country. Educators, and politicians, need s... Read More »

How to Convert Percentiles to Standard Scores?

Percentiles are probably the most commonly quoted test score in education and indicate a student's ranking compared to a hypothetical group of 100 similar students of the same age, for the same tes... Read More »

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What Are the Average ACT Scores for Military Academies?

The military academies in the United States are run by the federal government. Admission to these schools is competitive and requires the highest moral character and history of achievement. ACT sco... Read More »