What Are the Asian Landforms?

Answer If you glance at a map of Asia, the first thing you might notice is the sheer size of the continent, ranging from the archipelagos of Japan and the Philippines to the mountains in South Asia and th... Read More »

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Do you know any good South Asian West Asian cuisine that's easy to prepare?

You would be looking at Persian or Iraqi foods like KooKoo-yeh Morgh Recipe with chicken, eggs, onions, saffron, and lime juice Nargesi Esfanaaj Recipe fried spinach with eggs and onions http://per... Read More »

Asian lashes help!! (help call out to all my asian ladies)?

use any "lash lengthening" mascaras.also any mascara with a dry formula. waterproof mascaras tend to be more dry than regular ones.i at the moment am in love with loreal faux cills mascara. it make... Read More »

What are New Mexico's landforms?

New Mexico encompasses a variety of landforms including the Rocky Mountains, Great Plains, Colorado Plateau and White Sands desert. New Mexico is also home to the Rio Grande river along with other ... Read More »

Landforms in Scandinavia?

Scandinavia is a distinctively isolated ethnic and geographic region located in Northern Europe, covering the whole Scandinavian Peninsula. It is comprised of Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and D... Read More »