What Are the Amenities in First Class Flying?

Answer Flying first class often evokes a feeling of class and prestige not associated with coach travel. First-class fliers are treated to more personal service, additional baggage allowance and free acce... Read More »

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What Is the Difference Between Flying Coach & First Class?

Airline ticket prices vary widely by the type of seat you wish to purchase. Most airlines offer an economy, or coach, class and a first class. The extra money you'll pay for first-class travel will... Read More »

What does public amenities mean?

Public amenities are features of an area that are available to all in that area. For example, a public beach access is a form of a public amenity. All who are in the area may visit and enjoy that s... Read More »

Im flying alone in under a week to malta, and im petrified of flying! helppp!?

If you contact the airline before you fly, or even if you just speak to one of the stewards/ stewardess, and explain your fears, and that you are flying alone, you may find that they will arrange s... Read More »

Does a townhouse own the land beneath it whereas a condominium owners own only the unit plus a part of shared common grounds and amenities?

Read the appropriate descriptions of the real estate you want to buy. Usually, when buying a condominium, you purchase a unit, plus an interest in real estate assets that the association owns in c... Read More »