What Are the Advantages to a Longbow Over a Shortbow?

Answer While shortbows allow for flexibility and speed when making shots, longbows provide power and range that are unrivaled by any other kind of bow. In the words of Howard Hill, winner of 196 field ar... Read More »

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How to Add a String to a Shortbow?

The shortbow is often the favorite of all ranging weapons in the "RuneScape" online game. Shortbows fire much faster than the longbows. Fletching, or the skill of making bows and arrows, is a "Run... Read More »

How to Aim a Longbow for Beginners?

Compared to the dimensions of the recreational hunting bow, the longbow features elongated limbs. The limbs of the longbow help to increase the velocity of the arrow, leading to longer shots. While... Read More »

How to String a Longbow?

The longbow is both a military weapon and a hunting tool that has been in existence for centuries, and was the forebear of modern hunting bows. Created from a single piece of flexible wood, a longb... Read More »

How to Build a Longbow?

Simple but yet effective way to make a bow.