What Are the Advantages of a V8 Stroker Motor?

Answer When you're comparing new cars, the type of engine is a major consideration. Engines, and therefore cars, vary according to fuel consumption, horsepower, torque and cost. For drivers who want power... Read More »

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What Is a Stroker Motor?

"There's no replacement for displacement," or so the old saying goes. By installing a crankshaft with a longer stroke, the engine builder can increase an engine's effective size without increasing... Read More »

How to Build a 350 Stroker Motor?

The General Motors 350-cubic inch engine is a staple for modification enthusiasts, because of how the engine can be made to produce more horsepower. A 350 stroker motor refers to increasing the ... Read More »

How to Build a Chevy Big Block Stroker Motor?

A stroker kit increases the displacement of an engine by increasing the amount of travel done by each piston. The piston drops farther each cycle of the engine. The Chevrolet big block engine comes... Read More »

Synthetic Motor Oil Advantages?

Synthetic motor oil originally was developed as a lubrication alternative for high-performance racing engines. In recent decades, synthetic motor oil has become a common option for car owners and m... Read More »