What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Formative Assessment?

Answer Formative assessment covers the range of informal diagnostic tests a teacher can use to assist the process of learning by his students. Prescriptive but ungraded feedback enables students to reflec... Read More »

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Posttest Assessment Advantages & Disadvantages?

Students who are taking a college curriculum are tested after taking study courses. Posttesting determines what knowledge they acquired and how much of an effect the teaching has had on them compar... Read More »

Advantages & Disadvantages of Formal Assessment?

Teachers at all levels need to measure how well their students are learning. Traditionally, formal tests and written examinations were the only forms of assessment used to determine students' grade... Read More »

Advantages & Disadvantages of Online Assessment?

Online assessments are based on using computer technology and the networking ability of the Internet to deliver and score tests. Many different question formats are available and can be implemented... Read More »

Advantages & Disadvantages of Informal Assessment in Early Childhood Education?

Informal assessments are naturalistic assessment types. These assessment procedures take place in the natural classroom environment during typical early learning situations, making them more authen... Read More »