What Are the 6 Traits of Life?

Answer Biologists have been arguing for centuries about what it means for something to be counted as truly alive. There are many debates raging about the definition of life. Viruses, though meeting some... Read More »

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What Are the Big Five Traits?

The Big Five Traits, or Five-Factor Model, are broad dimensions of various character traits used to describe personality. Each individual dimension is capacious and consisting of a range of more di... Read More »

What Traits Do You Have to Have in "The Sims"?

"The Sims 3" introduced the concept of traits to the franchise, allowing players to create realistic Sims by giving them traits to correspond with real world personality types. Many of these traits... Read More »

What are the traits of Tess?

Traits of Tess: she is a depicted as a very "fresh" virginal girl a innocent country girl sweet, kind, strong, weak and needy like the typical woman of that era, she is whinny and sometimes dumb in... Read More »

What Traits Do Birds Have?

There are approximately 9,000 species of birds, which vary in size, color, diet and habitat. However, some traits are shared by all birds. Most of the shared characteristics are those that enable a... Read More »