What Are the 6 Traits of Life?

Answer Biologists have been arguing for centuries about what it means for something to be counted as truly alive. There are many debates raging about the definition of life. Viruses, though meeting some... Read More »

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What Are the Traits of a Top Job Performer?

Being a top performer in the business world takes hard work and perseverance. Hiring managers look for candidates who stand out from the crowd and show potential to be a top performer. Top performe... Read More »

What are the traits of Tess?

Traits of Tess: she is a depicted as a very "fresh" virginal girl a innocent country girl sweet, kind, strong, weak and needy like the typical woman of that era, she is whinny and sometimes dumb in... Read More »

What Are the Big Five Traits?

The Big Five Traits, or Five-Factor Model, are broad dimensions of various character traits used to describe personality. Each individual dimension is capacious and consisting of a range of more di... Read More »

What Are Some Traits of Redheads?

It was once believed that a recessive genetic trait caused redheadedness, but recent genetic research has revealed that it is actually called by a genetic mutation. Redheads have a mutation of the ... Read More »