What Are the 10 Traits of Effective Teachers?

Answer Teachers need many skills to be effective and even more to be memorable. Students all need something unique for them to learn, so a teacher who can teach any student is far superior to a teacher w... Read More »

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Good Traits for Teachers?

Teaching is a formidable task that many willingly take on. While nearly anyone can step into a classroom and provide some semblance of a lesson, to be a good teacher an individual must possess cert... Read More »

Six Traits of an Effective Reader?

According to the U.S. Department of Education, there are ways to help children become good readers. It begins before they ever see a book with talking and listening while they are very young. When ... Read More »

Tools & Traits for Highly Effective Science Teaching?

Though a difficult subject, science can also enthrall kids when they have the opportunity to escape books and discover the topics on their own. All teachers can use science school books as a basic ... Read More »

What Teachers Need to Know About Effective Teaching?

A teacher's job contains numerous components including creating lesson plans, grading papers and of course, teaching the material. As a teacher, you want to teach effectively so students do well on... Read More »